Thursday, September 25, 2014

Apathetic or Empathic?

I am the absolute opposite of apathetic. Apathetic people are awesome, I don't understand how people could be so carefree and relaxed. But you can ask any of my friends, I care way too much about every little thing. If I get in an elevator and someone says "Hey whats up?" and I hear them wrong and accidentally reply with "good" then i'll spend the next hour thinking about how awkward that moment was. By the same token, if I find a dollar on the ground, I'll be happy and content for at least a week. I think that apathetic people and people like me are all tolerable, we're doing it right. However, the biggest problem in the world is hatred.

People nowadays decide to hate people for no reason, just to get their anger out. Blind hate is the worst kind, because there's really no way to get the person to stop since there is no reason to hate in the first place. These people are the biggest problem in the world. Their selfish nature causes them to use others as a form of venting, and by hating random people, their stress is relieved. This is a sick way of dealing with stress. Even aside from blind hatred, there are sometimes a few horrible people that everyone hates. This is where i'll lose my entire audience:

Be nice to them too. 

The horrible guy that makes fun of everyone probably only does it because everyone hates him. It's a chicken and egg story. What came first, the bully OR people judging the bully? I believe the latter. This hatred is the root of almost every problem in the world today. Everyone on the planet deserves a chance. Now you may be wondering, how can we encourage everyone to stop hating? 


Put yourself in another person's shoes. Just as Jeremy Rifkin said, we are wired with mirror neurons. We feel what we see other people feeling. If we use this mindset and show some empathy, hatred wouldn't exist. Hatred for another school, state, region, or country is absolutely unnecessary. Rifkin rightfully says that we are all one human race, and we should not turn on each other. If we show some empathy and cut out all this hatred, I believe that most of our problems would be solved.

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  1. I enjoyed your honesty and personal examples. You were also supposed to incorporate outside research and answer the questions posed on my blog post.